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Experts Warn Sydney Terror Attack is ‘Only A Matter Of Time’

Yesterday the world was rocked by news that London had been hit with an alleged terrorist attack.

The vicious attack was reminiscent of something we’d experienced in our very own city of Melbourne only a few months ago, where a person in a car proceeded to run people down in the middle of the city.

This time the spot chosen was tourist-heavy Westminster bridge in the centre of London, and saw 40 injured and 4 dead, including the person responsible, who is suspected to be an Islamic State Extremist.

Heavily-armed officers were deployed to guard federal buildings in Australia's capital city in response, with fears similar lone wolf attackers might target Canberra.

'We're making sure that all contingencies are prepared for, but the fact of the matter is some of these things just cannot be preempted,' Counter Terrorism minister David Elliott told 7 News.

It seems that the concern is being taken seriously, as reports by 7 and 9 News have revealed that ‘within months’ every front level police officer will be issued a M4 Carbine assault rifle to combat the rising terror threat.

Nick O'Brien, a count terrorism professor from Charles Sturt University, told 9 News that Australia's 'opponents don't like the fact we live in a democracy'.

'All parliaments are a target,' he said.

Source: Daily Mail

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