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Ex-Aus Idol host to stand against Tony Abbott

Former Australian Idol host James Mathison will take on Tony Abbott in his safe seat of Warringah.

The 38-year-old television personality will use social media to target the youth vote using the hashtag #TimesUpTony in a strategy which he concedes is "off-Broadway".

Mr Abbott holds the blue ribbon Liberal seat with a 15.3 per cent margin, setting Mr Mathison a tough task to unseat the former prime minister.

Mr Mathison said the "compassionate and caring" electorate had rejected Mr Abbott's stance on marriage equality, climate change and asylum seekers.

"I don't think his stance and the stance of the far right of the Liberal Party reflect the community and that's what were going to try to tap into," Mr Mathison told News Corp Australia.

"The Greens are too extreme. People here don't overly trust Labor but they can't stand Tony, so what do they do?

"They just sleepwalk into the polling booth and do what they've always done."

Mr Mathison, who grew up in the area and recently returned to live, will aim to raise money for his campaign through crowd-funding website Pozible and is hoping to get an Uber licence to canvass local issues with passengers.

High-profile Tasmania independent senator Jacqui Lambie urged him to give Mr Abbott a run for his money.

"I love independents. You go for it, James. Put those budgie smugglers on and give Tony Abbott a run," she told the Today show on Saturday.

Idol co-star and long-time friend Osher Gunsberg, formerly known as Andrew G, tweeted a message of support for Mr Mathison, saying he was perfect for politics.

Mr Mathison was hauled off by police during a Save Our Trees protest in Sydney earlier this month and earlier in the year he tweeted his support for US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Last year he tweeted a video of Greens leader Richard Di Natale's appearance on the Bolt Report saying: "Because the major parties have forgotten what an ACTUAL leader looks's Di Natale handling Bolt like a boss".


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