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Ever Wondered What It Takes To Be A Foster Carer?

Allow us to hit you in the feels for a moment. It’s worth it, we promise.

Every child should be afforded the opportunity to be part of a loving family and have a safe space to come home to.

So it’s heartbreaking to think that so many children go without.

What’s more, that so many families have the emotional and financial ability to give a child a home but don’t put their hand out to the foster care system.

Regardless of whether it’s a mum and dad, a single parent, two mums, two dads, grandparents, adoptive guardians or a foster care family, no child should go without that basic human right.

In Queensland there is a drive underway for more foster carers.

It’s estimated that 1,300 carers have left the system in the past two years… Considering there are a total of 5,300 carers in the state, that figure is substantial.

A number of high profile cases in recent years has also brought the issue front of mind.


So what is a foster carer?

“Foster and kinship care are forms of family-based care for children and young people who can’t live at home because they have experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse or neglect, are at risk of experiencing one of these forms of harm, or cannot live at home for other reasons,” the QLD Government website explains.

Those interested in finding out more information can find a number of resources online. 

But of course, the task comes with it a lot more than warm and fuzzy moments for helping those in need.

It comes with it a set of unique challenges that you must be willing to negotiate.

Becoming a foster carer is lifechanging for you and those around you.

But above it all, it’s lifechanging for the child.

Could you ever consider opening your home for a child in need? 

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