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Aussie Zoo Welcomes ADORABLE Baby Elephant & You Can Name It

Zookeepers at Dubbo's Taronga Western Plain Zoo are popping champagne as they celebrate the first elephant calf born at the zoo.

Mother Thong Dee delivered the 95kg bundle of joy in the paddock on Wednesday afternoon. The precious little bub is straight up adorable...


(Image: Taronga Zoo)

The male calf was standing on its own within 30 minutes of being born and began suckling within hours, zookeepers said.

As Dubbo Zoo prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary in February, the birth of the calf is tremendous news for the Australasian conservation breeding program for Asian Elephants, they said.

"Every birth is important as it helps to secure a future for this endangered species," said Zoo Director, Matthew Fuller.

The calf was sired by Taronga's bull, Gung, in Sydney 22 months ago before Thong Dee moved to Dubbo with three other elephants.

To make things even MORE exciting, Dubbo Zoo will hold a competition so the public can help choose a name for the new addition. More details about the competition are yet to be released. 

What a cutie!

What name would you pick and why? Tell us in the comments section below. 

Main Image: Taronga Zoo


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