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Disneyland Paris Has Been Evacuated

It’s supposed to be the happiest place on earth, but instead, Disneyland Paris is more like a horror movie today.

After reports say a suspect package is found at the train station neighbouring the theme park, officials have decided to evacuate the entire park and have moved in soldiers and police armed with assault rifles.

The authorities are said to have flooded the park.

Following the various attacks in Paris and Nice over the last year, France remains in a state of emergency and are taking precautions whenever necessary.

The word is the park is still open but the station has been cordoned off at this time.

One visitor said his bus was redirected by soldiers while leaving the attraction.

He wrote on Twitter: 'I just left Disneyland Paris on a very crowded bus after being redirected by soldiers (w/assault rifles) away from the bus station.'

Another Twitter user, 'Lisa', said the railway station had been cordoned off.

'It seems to be the train station. All taped off and police everywhere. Stay safe. We are in village.'

Source: Daily Mail

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