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Footage Reveals Brutal Hazing On A Teen Girl At CFA Station

Shocking footage has emerged of a violent hazing incident at a CFA station in Central Victoria that shows a teenage girl being dragged by her hair and shoved to the ground by a group of men.

The 17-year-old girl, who is a volunteer firefighter at the Bendigo station, can also be seen being pushed under a parked fire truck and sprayed with the fire sprinklers while a group of men watched on.

Frances Diver, the chief executive of CFA, said that she was "sickened" by the incident that occurred last month.

"It [the footage] tells you there is a culture problem in that brigade, that people think this is acceptable behaviour," she said.

The teenage girl is not believed to have been physically injured during the hazing incident and she has requested that the matter be left alone.

However, Ms Diver has referred the incident to Victoria Police as she believes that the CFA has a requirement to "take action". Four volunteer firefighters have already been suspended over the incident.

"I am horrified at the idea that a young girl has been brutalised in that way," she said.

Victoria Police have confirmed that the matter was referred to the Bendigo Crime Unit detectives however, no formal complaint was made and no offence was detected.

"The matter is now complete," said a Victoria Police spokeswoman.

Ms Diver has said that the CFA will now complete their own investigation and will refer the incident to WorkSafe.

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