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Dad Speaks Out After Losing Son In QLD Fire

The dad who dragged his two sons out of their burning home in rural Queensland has spoken out for the first time after losing his four year old boy. 

Nathan Perry braved the elements in an attempt to save his three year old and four year old sons as their house burnt down in the middle of the night. 

“I knew it was a fire straight away … I guess I made a mistake by opening the door and letting the air in and that’s when [the fire] went berserk,” Perry told Nine News. 

“I ran through the flames and grabbed the children out, did would I could, feel like I failed with Blade because he didn’t make it.

“I’m heart broken, my two beautiful little boys … and my world’s never going to be the same again.

“It will haunt me forever."

Unfortunately their older son succumbed to his injuries earlier in the week. 

"I had to run through the flames and drag the children out. I did what I could, I feel like I failed with Blade because he didn't make it," a tearful Perry said. 

"My little mate, He was my best friend... he was everything to me."

Tamika Frid, the mother of the two boys, spoke out about her heartbreak. 

“I never ever experienced anything so bad in my life 'till the day we had to turn the life support off on our son, the worst day," she said.

“I just wish everything was just a dream and you could just wake up everything can be just better again.

"Always tell your kids you love them and give them as many hugs as you can because you don't know what will happen the next day."

H/T: Nine News Queensland

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