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CSIRO Warns Sydney Will Reach Average Temp Of 27 Degrees

The CSIRO has just released its latest State of the Climate report, and if you thought that it's been getting warmer in Sydney, you're right.

And the news is that with climate change an ongoing factor, our average yearly temperature is expected to continue to rise, so that by 2090 it'll feel like we're living in the tropics with 27 degrees expected to be the average temperature for Sydney. 


As outlined in the report Australia's climate has warmed in both mean air and sea temperature by around 1 °C since 1910.

The duration, frequency and intensity of extreme heat events have increased, as has extreme fire weather, while May–July rainfall has dropped by around 19 per cent since 1970.

Meanwhile sea levels have risen around the country, resulting in more high tides and storm surges.


Temperatures around the country are expected to continue increasing with more extremely hot days and fewer extremely cool days expected, resulting in the number of days with potential high fire days in southern and eastern Australia also projected to increase.

Winter and spring rainfall is predicted to drop across southern continental Australia, with more time spent in drought.

And greenhouse gas emissions will continue warming our ocean temperatures.

These are extremly worrying projections from the nations leading scientific researchers, to read the full report click here

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