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Clever Way Schapelle Corby Fooled Media On Her Return To Aus

It’s been over 13 years since Schapelle Corby embarked on a trip to Bali that would change her life as she knew it, forever.

Now, it’s the morning that’s felt so far away for so long, the morning she would return home to her country of Australia.

However, things didn’t happen quite as expected.

According to a report on, Corby skipped her scheduled Virgin flight in a bid to fool the media.

There is footage captured of her boarding a Malindo flight from Bali instead, at around 5.40am.

An air hostess who asked not to be named said Corby was very scared and emotional when it came to disembark.

“She kept to herself a lot,” she said.

“She asked me can you close the curtain?

I said why? And she said so no one can see.

She covered her face and was so scared.

“After 13 years away wow I’m not surprised.”

In a bizarre twist, Corby was also carrying a bag with a photo of missing boy, William Tyrrell on the side.

She completely avoided all media once arriving in Australia after what could only be described as a ‘frenzy’ to capture her face.


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