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Leaked Vision Shows Basement Where JonBenet's Body Was Found

Twenty years after the grizzly murder of beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, chilling new vision has emerged showing the basement where her body was found beaten and gagged. 

The leaked footage was captured by police just hours after the six-year-old's mother Patsy Ramsey had called police to report her daughter had been kidnapped. 

The vision obtained by Radar Online shows the broken basement window, which the family allege an intruder used to enter the house. 

The news follows the announcement from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation that it would be conducting sophisticated DNA testing on the underwear and trousers found on JonBenet’s body.  

While at the time DNA analysis exonerated the Ramsey family, a tell all documentary released earlier this year called the results into questions. The Colorado Bureaus of Investigation claims new evidence has come to light. 

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