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Charges To Be Laid After Puppy Rescued From Hot Locked Car


As we all know the heat in Sydney over the past few days has been record-breaking, which makes this story even more distressing.

Over the weekend Police were forced to smash through a car window to save a puppy trapped inside the vehicle.

It's estimated that the heat inside the car parked at Oran Park was a staggering 65C when it was first discovered by passers-by.

The seven-week-old puppy was suffering from extreme heat stress when it was found on Saturday, with the temperature outside the car around the 40C mark.

Macquarie Fields police received a 000 phone call in the late afternoon before eventually breaking the window to rescue the pup.

The NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Facebook page reports:

“Police provided the dog with fresh water and some air conditioned comfort to assist in the dog’s recovery,’’ 

Camden police are now investigating and are expected to start legal action under the Dog Act today.

The puppy is recovering.

Daily Telegraph

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