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Car Bursts Through Backyard Into Pool

A driver made a surprise visit to home in Arundel this morning, plunging into the into the backyard pool.

The driver allegedly failed to apply the park brake. 

The accident occurred at approximately 6:45am this morning.

The family reportedly rushed outside to see their neighbours surrounding the pool.

“It is a very quiet street so we were in total shock when it happened,” the father-of-two told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“The kids were upstairs getting ready for school and my wife was downstairs when we heard this huge bang.

“We thought the sound was something breaking in the house but then my wife started yelling that there was a car in the pool.”

The family had only moved into the house three weeks ago and specifically chose the property because it had a pool. 

The car will be removed via crane during the day. 

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