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Marcus Stanford Apologises To Stephanie Scott's Family For..

The twin brother of the man who murdered NSW school teacher Stephanie Scott has apologised to the slain woman's family for his actions after the killing.

Marcus Stanford, 25, was released from prison less than two weeks ago after serving 15 months for disposing of evidence linking his brother to the Leeton bride-to-be's killing.

He has returned to South Australia and is now living on the Yorke Peninsula with his father.

"I just want to say sorry for what I've done, you know, and for the hurt I caused her family," he told Nine News from a caravan park in South Australia on Wednesday.

"I did a really stupid thing and unfortunately I can't take it back."

Stanford's twin brother, Vincent Stanford, attacked Ms Scott at Leeton High School on Easter Sunday 2015, days before she was due to marry her childhood sweetheart

The murderer removed Ms Scott's engagement ring given to her by fiance Aaron Leeson-Woolley, and a graduation ring from her mother, and sent them with her driver's licence in an envelope to his brother's Adelaide address.

Marcus Stanford then sold the rings for $705 at an Adelaide jewellery store and burned the driver's licence.

Vincent Stanford has admitted raping and murdering Ms Scott and will be sentenced in Griffith next month.

Source: AAP/Staff Writers

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