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Big Ben Has Been Silenced And The Brits Are In Tears

There have been tears overnight in the UK, as our British cousins heard their beloved Big Ben chiming for the last time in four years, ahead of building works.

When the iconic bell in the Elizabeth Tower rang to mark midday, then fell silent, a crowd of patriotic Londoners watched on, with some of them shedding a tear.

Hundreds of locals and tourists lined up around the clock to see the final ring - and it was a highly emotional moment.

A group of angry MPs had also vowed to gather to protest against the decision to silence the bell during building works.

Labour’s Stephen Pound, who campaigned to keep the bell ringing, was one of the onlookers to shed a tear.

“I feel very sad. This really does matter to people.

“The world is a dreadful, dangerous, worrying, scary place at the moment, with Brexit, Barcelona, mud slides and floods and everything like that.

“The sound of this bell represents stability and solidity and continuity and when people come to this home of democracy, they are summoned by that bell to Parliament.


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