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Best Friend’s Last Words To Mother Killed In Davidson Murder

Just a week after a family-of-four was found deceased in their family home of Davidson, the best friend of the mother has spoken out.

Despite rumours that the shocking murder-suicide, which consisted of a complex system of pipes, was a plan by both the father and mother of Elisa and Martin Lutz, Maria Claudia Lutz’s good friend Lina Gomez says that couldn’t be the case.


Close friend Lina Gomez said the 43-year-old's strength appeared unwavering and has told of how she inspired her to be a better mother.

'I met her kids as newborn babies and witnessed how much love, care, dedication and happiness she showered them with,' Ms Gomez told Woman's Day.

'The last thing I wrote to her was that she was a super mum. I told her I admired her so much,' she added.

The friends met around 15 years ago, having both left their families in Colombia, they only had each other to lean on for support.


She described the 43-year-old as a 'hands-on-mum' who happily gave up her career as a lawyer to dedicate her time to enriching her children's lives.

'Whenever I was having a hard time as a mum, she would always come into my mind because she was such an example of how to be patient and caring, and show love and respect in any situation while raising her kids,' she told Woman's Day.

The mother-of-two said Ms Lutz found a love of cooking after having Elisa and Martin, and would take pleasure in designing elaborate cakes to surprise them for their birthday.

She said they were 'absolutely loved and adored' every day of their short lives.

Source: Daily Mail

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