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Bad News For Fans Of The Big Pineapple And The Big Prawn!

If you ever went on a family trip when you were young in Australia, no doubt you drove past the Big Banana, or the Big Pineapple - or the Big Prawn.

Maybe you even piled out of the car and got a few photos with them.

Why not, eh? Well, there’s a problem, all of our ‘big’ things are getting old.

Many of the ‘big’ things were built cheaply from concrete and fibreglass, which fade an decay over time.

Some structures — like the Big Pineapple, the Big Macadamia Nut, the Big Orange and the Big Prawn — have, in recent times, either fallen into disrepair or struggled to bring in much income.

The Big Captain Cook stands in a vacant lot on the side of the Cook Highway; its legs show signs of concrete cancer and its paint job is flaky.

The hotel that once stood beside Cook is long since demolished, and the local community is divided over the appropriate fate of its landmark.

Should he be repainted, or dismantled, or relocated to a place such as James Cook University where, in 2006, students petitioned for his adoption?

One of Australia’s most beloved ‘big’ things, the Big Pineapple in Nambour, was once supremely popular for young holidaymakers, even visited by Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1983. But in recent years the number of visitors to the Big Pineapple has fallen dramatically.

It has been for sale several times since 1996, and even closed for a period during 2010-2011.

Though it now has some legal protection, after being added to the Queensland Heritage Register, there are hopes to give the site a multimillion-dollar overhaul, turning the lone pineapple into an ‘extreme tourism attraction’ with music, a water park, camping, a brewery AND a winery. I’ll cheers to that.

The overriding bad news?

With over 200 ‘big’ things around the country, it’s impossible to guarantee they’ll all survive - it seems they have an expiration date.


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