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Australian Government Confirms Debris "Highly Likely" MH370

The federal government has confirmed debris found in Mozambique is "highly likely" to have come from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Transport Minister Darren Chester on Thursday confirmed a Malaysian investigation team had found two pieces of debris that were consistent with panels from a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft.

"The analysis has concluded the debris is almost certainly from MH370," Mr Chester said.

The two pieces of debris arrived in Canberra for testing on Sunday after they were found washed up on the coast of Mozambique.

It comes two years after the flight disappeared with 239 people on board, including six Australians.

Mr Chester said the location of the debris on the east coast of Africa was consistent with drift modelling performed by the CSIRO and affirmed search efforts being conducted in the southern Indian Ocean.

"There are 25,000 square kilometres of the underwater search area still to be searched.

"We are focused on completing this task and remain hopeful the aircraft will be found."

South African teenager Liam Lotter found one of the pieces, with "676EB" stamped on it, while on holiday in Mozambique with his family last December, but did not contact authorities until after a second piece of possible MH370 debris was found in early March.

The second piece, with the words "NO STEP" on it, was discovered by American lawyer Blaine Gibson, who has been self-funding his own private search for the plane.

So far only a piece of wing, known as a flaperon, discovered in July on the island of Reunion has been confirmed as being from the missing Boeing 777.


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