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Australian DJ Jailed For Life After He Loses His Appeal

A Melbourne DJ has been sentenced to two life sentences in Thailand.


Jake Mastroianni, 26, was caught with 61 ecstasy pills, where he worked as ‘DJ Badmouth’ and has now been thrown into the Klong Prem prison, which as known as one of the hardest prisons to live in.

Mastroianni had previously visited China and Spain to DJ but always played Thailand’s infamous full moon parties and was living the luxury lifestyle.

Images from social media show him performing in bars and posing with scantily-clad women.


He is often pictured with his headphones around his neck, a beer in hand or his arms raised in celebration.

However, now he will be living in a reduced prison space where diseases spread quickly, disagreements are settled in boxing rings, and you can have relationships with ladyboys.

In 2014, he was arrested in Pattaya with ecstasy pills and this week lost his appeal to have his sentenced reduced.

Tim Ward, who knew Mastroianni wrote on Facebook ‘’Thailand is a fun place with not a lot of rules. But one very important rule. NO DRUGS... I know both these guys, and neither one of them is tough enough for this punishment.. '.


Mastroianni could be transferred to an Australian prison in six years but there’s no guarantee that the move will be approved.

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