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Guy With Opal Card Implanted In His Hand Has To Go To Court

You may all remember hearing about a man called Meow Ludo, who implanted the chip from an opal card in his hand that he could top up and use like any normal Opal card, only he didn’t have to carry it in his wallet like everyone else - it was already in his hand, ready to go.

Ludo has been getting around like this for many months, but now it seems the authorities have caught up with him.

Ludo has been issued a $200 fine for not having a valid ticket, but he won’t pay it.

‘I’m flabbergasted, I think it’s ridiculous.'

'They want to shut it down when it’s the most innovative thing to happen in public transport in Sydney ever.’

Transport NSW say they don’t support Opal cards being tampered with or damaged - and if they do, might have their card cancelled.

As Ludo refuses to pay the fine, his court case has been adjourned until next March - but as Channel 7 report, he’ll have plenty to keep him busy in the meantime.

He’s actually running in the upcoming New England Bi-Election, going up against Barnaby Joyce.

Unsurprisingly, he’ll be representing the science party.

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