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Aussie Dad Furious After Daughter Told To 'Do What Dolly Did

An Aussie dad has expressed his anger on Sunrise this morning, after his 15-year-old daughter received a message from online bullies, prompting her to ‘go do what Dolly did.’

The message refers to the tragic death of 14-year-old Dolly Everett, who took her own life as a result of online bullying.

Family friend Caitlin Simpson has been bullied since she was 12, and just days after Dolly’s passing, received these messages on social media.

‘Why don’t you go cut your wrists until you bleed out, you’ll do everyone a favour, go do what Dolly did, it should have been you, not her.’

Her father Russell shared the message to raise awareness and says ‘enough is enough.’

‘It’s pretty devastating because when I read it, the word Dolly, really got me, it still does. It’s pretty heartbreaking. And it’s so raw and new, to think that people can use a message, you know, for someone that’s just passed, and it’s not getting through to them, it’s pretty tough.’

‘The whole thing about it was that, Caitlin, she’s our daughter. And we know her really well, well we think we do, as a parent. She wanted to handle this on her own, and it wasn’t her that told us, it was actually one of her friend’s mothers, who’s child read it and was so devastated and her mother was ill when she read it, so she rang Cathy, Caitlin’s mum.’

‘She was worried about it, she was scared, she was ashamed, these kids don’t know how to handle it.’ They found my breaking point on Saturday, and they obviously found Dolly’s - and heaps of other kids. And it made me realise, I don’t know where Caitlin’s breaking point is.'

Is it tomorrow, is it the next message? Russell brings forward a very important message there.

No-one knows when a person’s breaking point is, just one more message could push them over the edge. We must all take the responsibility on and stop bullying, once and for all, so nothing like what happened to Dolly Everett ever happens again.

If you or anyone you know needs help, please contact LIFELINE on 13 11 14

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