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Air Pollution Alert For Sydney As Temps Soar Across NSW

As if the hot weather wasn't already causing enough issues with steamy sleepless nights and baking hot days, now NSW Health has released an air pollution alert as Sydney gets ready for more hot summer conditions.

An increased level of ozone in the atmosphere could affect residents with respiratory problems with Sydney's air quality forecast to be poor on today, with a top of 31 degrees in the city and 37 degrees in the west.


The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting a top of 38 degrees in the city on Wednesday, dipping to 27 degrees on Thursday, but rising again to 33 degrees on Friday and 31 degrees on Saturday.

Richmond and Penrith are both expected to reach 40 degrees on Wednesday, 30 degrees on Thursday before rising to a sweltering 42 on Friday.


The Bureau of Meteorology's forecast states that NSW Health has issued an air quality alert for poor air quality in Sydney on Tuesday.

"Those with respiratory diseases such as asthma should follow their action plan and use their relieving medication where necessary. If respiratory symptoms worsen, they should seek medical advice," the alert states.

NSW Health said eye, nose, throat and lung irritations, coughing and shortness of breath, and chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma can worsen in these warmer conditions.


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