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Abused Four-Year-Old Thinks Her Name Is ‘Idiot'

A four-year-old girl has been rescued from the violent home of her mother.

Local media reports police found the little girl tied to furniture at her Arkansas home. When authorities asked what her name was, the girl replied “idiot”.

Child Welfare officers say the girl had deep purple bruising on her bottom, lower back and legs, a black eye, a swollen right cheek, a bruise on her forehead, healing scars across her back and dried blood in the corner of her mouth.

She also had marks on her wrists where she had been restrained and appeared to be malnourished.


Police have arrested and charged the 30-year-old mother Jennifer Dene and her boyfriend Clarence Reed (pictured above), 47 for domestic abuse.

The pair are each being held on $650,650 (US$500,000) bond and are set to appear in court on August 23.

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