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Australian Couple Fight For Their Right To Have Children

Michael Cox and Taylor Anderton from Queensland met six years ago through competitive swimming and got engaged on a trip to America last year.

They're in love and have their sights set on getting married and starting a family of their own - the ultimate dream for many. 


(Image: Daily Mail)

All parents want to see their children happily married with a family of their own. 

Michael and Taylor's parents have recognised the pair are very happy together but said they cannot support their dream of starting a family.

The fact that the couple has Down Syndrome, makes the situation complex. 

Both of their families say they raised their children to believe in their dreams but now fear they may have set them up to fail with unrealistic expectations. 

Taylor's mother, Catherine Musk, has said 'Taylor and Michael want to get married and have children and that makes me feel very worried, apprehensive and concerned'. 'It's not going to happen, it can't happen.'

'It would be very difficult being a child whose parents both had Down Syndrome and couldn't have a job and couldn't drive a car and couldn't understand maths homework.' Michael's father Simon Cox said. 


(Image: ABC/Australian Story)

The young couple have agreed with their parents to delay their wedding but they remain determined to have children together.

Michael told Australian Story,  'I know that their heart's in the right place but being overprotective is strictly not on with your child, even if they have Down Syndrome,'  'I know that me and Taylor have the skills to be married and start our own family.'


(Image: Daily Mail)

Queensland disability advocate Michelle O'Flynn said the decision to become parents should rest with the couple. 

'People with disability, like Michael and Taylor, are certainly entitled to bodily integrity and the freedom to do with their bodies as they wish,' she said. 

According to ABC News 'The chances of a couple with Down syndrome falling pregnant were rare... if a couple with Down syndrome were to fall pregnant, they would have about a 50-50 chance of having a child with Down syndrome' 

Michael and Taylor's story will feature on Australian Story at 8.00pm tonight on ABC TV.

Source: ABC News & Daily Mail


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