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A Swarm Of Bees Has Descended On Sydney Streets!

The streets of Sydney were alive this Friday afternoon with the buzz of the looming weekend along with the buzz of something else… BEES! 

A cloud of bees swarmed the streets of Sydney’s CBD during the lunch rush before making themselves at home on a motorbike parked on Castlereagh Street where their queen had settled. Witnesses to the bizarre event looked on in shock and ducked for cover from the hundreds of bees.

The motorbike quickly became coated in the bees!

Eventually, Vicky Brown came to the rescue after one of her students in her beekeeping course alerted her of the situation. Ms Brown explained that she was able to help because she, “…found the queen, you find her and put her in a cage and the rest of the bees follow her inside”.  

What a sight to see!

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