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A REAL Bomb Made It To Sydney Airport On July 15

We heard this weekend about a foiled terror attack that almost took place on an Etihad flight from Sydney.

Well now we’re hearing news that we had no idea how close the ‘working bomb’ was to boarding what is believed would have been an Etihad flight.

According to a report on the Sydney Morning Herald, the terror plot was ‘dangerously close’ to being carried out, before it was unwittingly thwarted at check-in.

Fairfax media understands an improvised device reached Sydney Airport's international terminal after a passenger packed it inside a piece of luggage.

It was found that the carry on luggage was too heavy, and those involved backed out once it was realised the back would need to be checked in.

If it had been light enough to successfully be checked in as carry on, there’s a chance a working, fully functional bomb would have been boarded on that plane.

Authorities uncovered this after Khaled Merhi, Khaled Khayat and Mahmoud Khayat were arrested in counter-terrorism raids across Sydney on Saturday evening.

They were detained over an alleged and pending plot to smuggle an improvised explosive device on to an Etihad flight departing Sydney for Abu Dhabi.

Source: SMH

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