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Australian School Being Targeted By The 'Clown' Craze

Creepy clowns are terrorising primary school students, teachers and McDonald's customers in Victoria as the unusual craze continues to gain popularity across the country.

On Monday, creepy clowns were spotted near an Elsternwick primary school and alongside the main road in Carrum Downs in Melbourne’s South-East.

At least four teenagers were dressed in clown costumes outside Elsternwick Primary School, trying to scare children during their lunch break.

"One was dressed in a full clown costume; one had a singlet that said 'You're Next' and one had a baseball bat apparently," one parent said.

The incident prompted a warning from the school's acting principal Demos Diplaris.

"You would be aware that the 'clown' phenomena have reached Melbourne and in particular the suburbs of Brighton and Malvern," Mr Diplaris wrote in the letter to parents.

"At lunchtime today, clowns were spotted by a teacher near Brickwood Street and the police were in attendance."

"Your child may mention this incident to you, and I ask that you talk your child through this," he said.

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