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15-Year-Old Is First Child To Be Given A Sex Change

An Australian girl, aged 15, will have both her breast cut off so she can feel more like a boy and avoid developing 'a beard and hairy chest with an E-cup bust.'

The Australian Family Court has given the girl, who has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, permission to go ahead with the surgery.

The girl is only referred to as Quinn in court documents, has dressed as a boy since the age of four, according to The Australian.

She has not been taking any hormones to suppress puberty and as a result, has developed large breasts.

The decision to approve the major surgery is believed to be a first for a child who wants a sex change before they have begun hormone treatment.

The court said the breast should be removed now because when she starts taking testosterone she will develop ‘’a hairy chest and face.’’

A psychologist gave evidence in court and said ‘’Society has begun to accept transgender individuals. However I am highly doubtful they would accept an individual with a beard, hairy chest and an E-cup bust.'

The child says she understands that the operation will have consequences in the future, including the loss of the chance to breastfeed a child if she changes her mind in the future.

The treatment is expected to happen in the next 12 months.

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