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Man Accused Of Cecilia Haddad’s Murder Speaks Out

The man at the centre of an international manhunt has broken his silence to 9NEWS after he was named by police as the main suspect in the murder of Brazilian-born woman Cecilia Haddad.

Marcelo Mario Santoro is currently hiding out in Brazil after flying there the same weekend in April that his former girlfriend, 38-year-old Ms Haddad’s body was found fully-clothed in the Lane Cove River.

Following an investigation, NSW Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Mr Santoro as they attempt to get him extradite from Rio de Janeiro. Interpol have also been asked to issue a notice for his arrest.

9NEWS have managed to get in contact with Mr Santoro over the phone and he told them that he was aware that he is a wanted man back in Sydney.

“My mind is so confused. Many reporters and many people call me,” Mr Santoro said to a 9NEWS reporter. “My life is completely devastated.”

When asked why he thinks police are after him, Mr Santoro did not want to give an answer, but did say that he would consider doing an interview to give his side of the story.

“Just give me a time and I willy reply you. That’s all good?” he asked. “I [will] call you…I will keep your number here with me. I will call you.”

The location of Mr Santoro is not known and it is unlikely that Brazilian officials will interfere as their constitution prohibits extraditing its people for crimes.

If Mr Santoro is to be arrested, it is believed that diplomatic discussion will be needed to ensure that he faces legal proceedings.

Source: 9NEWS

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