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Young People Are Still Clueless About Safe Sex

A study conducted in Queensland has discovered just how clueless young people still are about safe sex. 

An alarming 60% of the young people surveyed believe that the contraceptive pill is a form of protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 

The pill is a form of oral hormonal contraception which effectively prevents unplanned pregnancy, but plays no part in preventing STIs. 

Alarmingly, the 'withdrawal method' was 52% of young people's go-to contraceptive form, despite being much less effective than using condoms. 

Jeanette Young, the Queensland Chief Health Officer, says the reason STI cases are growing is because there's so many false beliefs and misunderstandings around sexual health.

"In 2017, we saw more than 23,000 notifications of chlamydia and almost 5,000 notifications of gonorrhoea, which is the highest we’ve seen in Queensland in the last five years" she said.

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