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Why Our Pets Follow Us Into The Loo Will LEGIT Surprise You

It’s a question you didn’t know you wanted to ask until it happens to you:  why do some pets - particularly cats - follow us into the loo?

No, it’s not just you.

A recent Facebook post hinted that Dr Chris Brown gets asked about it all the time.

“Why do cats (and even dogs) obsessively stare at us while we’re in the bathroom?!” he wrote.

And it’s not because they’re total pervs, either.

Brown says that the number one (LOL) reason, is pats

“…your bathroom break is basically the only 5 minutes where you’re not distracted by cooking, cleaning, the kids or the TV,” he wrote.

“Your cat seizes on the fact they have a captive audience because they know the chances of a pat or simply a chat are high.”

But it’s the second reason which has stopped us dead in our tracks.

“The…ahem…’NUMBER TWO’ reason is that the experience appeals to their senses,” Brown said.

“Their inner tiger loves experiencing (and analysing) your scent on a deeper level, while the running water of your shower captivates them in the same way the trickle of water out of your kitchen tap lures them in for a drink.”

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