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Western Sydney Suburb Named The Sex Capital Of Australia

Western Sydney is the number one area for sex in Australia as far as literature is concerned! 

New data suggests that romantic fiction is most popular in regional, working class towns and outer-city suburbs across Australia.

Coming in at number 1 is Penrith which sold 11,000 Mills & Boon books last year - the most in the country.

Toowoomba in Queensland is in second place with 10, 457 erotic books sold, which equates to one in 10 adults. 

Before Penrith-siders go bragging, being named the 'sex capital' doesn't mean Penrith is the best at sex. According to Sexologist Isiah McKimmie, people may be buying so many of these books as a source of inspo or to improve.

"There is so much that we’re not taught about sex, what it can involve and how to really enjoy it, people are naturally curious about this," Ms McKimmie said.

"Erotic novels can also be a great source of education and inspiration for what is possible in a sexual relationship."

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