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The One Thing You Should NEVER Put On Your Luggage

The last thing you'd ever want to do whilst travelling, is put yourself at risk, but it seems one simple thing we think that's keeping our belongs safe is actually putting us in danger. 

The Sun has compiled a list of the biggest no, no's whilst travelling. At the top is putting your address on your luggage.  

As one savvy traveller pointed out, putting a residential address on your luggage tells other people your house in empty and will be for a while.

He advises not to put a friend's address on your luggage either because burglars won't know it's your friends. A work address or phone number works best. 

Another traveller suggested taking a photo of your luggage and writing alongside your contact details and dimensions of your luggage incase your case goes missing. This way you easily communicate what's happened at baggage collection, even if airport staff don't speak English. 

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