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QANTAS Is Getting Rid Of Something We Have ALL Flown With

If you’ve ever flown in aeroplane, you’ll know all about the window shutters.

You’ll also know that if you find yourself fortunate enough, or unfortunate enough (depending on your preference) to land in a window seat, you’ll be well aware that it’s your job to have the window shutter up at the appropriate time and down at the appropriate time.

Well, no longer is that anyone’s job. The new QANTAS Dreamliners, which will start operating in December, are not fitted with ANY window shutters.

So, what do they have instead?


“They’re electronically dimmable windows,” explained Rachelle N. Ornan-Stone, a design researcher at The Boeing Company.

“There are five levels of darkness and at the darkest you can sleep very comfortably but you’re still able to look outside.”

Passengers can dim the windows via a button at the base of the window but they’re not the only ones in control of the amount of light coming in.

“With one press of the button in the cabin control centre at the front, the flight attendants can control every window,” Dr Ornan-Stone said.

“It’s really important that everybody has the opportunity to have an uninterrupted sleep and not to have to worry about someone who wants to peek outside and fill the cabin with light. We wanted to make sure that sleep is guaranteed and that flight attendant’s have control.”

Word is the windows will also be 25 per cent larger than competitor planes.

Qantas will use their Dreamliners for flights between Melbourne to Los Angeles from December and in March next year the planes will also start flying from Perth to London.


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