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Buy This For Summer, Never Have A Bad Day

A Lebanese student has invented a GENIUS way to keep cool all year round with an eco-friendly beach mat that (get this) charges phones AND chills your drinks! 

The 'Beachill' waterproof mattresses are powered by a five-watt solar panel and have a build in thermal fridge. 

This allows beach goers to keep their drinks cold and their portable devices charged all while making a positive impact on the environment! 

It's also super lightweight and has a small pocket for storage space. 

Antoine Sayah invented the genius new summer must have for a university project. Students needed to develop something that was ecological and useful in their day to day lives. 

"I designed something that could solve the problems I face when I go to the beach: My phone runs out of battery, water warms up in bottles, I can't relax because mattresses cause back pain" the 23 year old said to Reuters. 

If this isn't on your Christmas list then you're crazy! 

Sunsets Got a special Taste now 🌅 #Beachill 💫

A photo posted by •BEACHILL® Smart  Mattress • (@beachill_mattress) on

Off to the beach with a great Start ! @djdimix 🌴☀️💦 Send us Your pictures with Beachill and We will surely repost ! #beachill #summer

A photo posted by •BEACHILL® Smart  Mattress • (@beachill_mattress) on

Source: ecowatch

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