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Insurance Pic Of Roo Bingle An Instant Aussie Yarn

There’s an insurance company about to get one helluva sketch of a recent accident involving a kangaroo.

Fiona Cosgrove said she was driving home to her farm, about 400km north of Perth, when her car hit a “giant” roo.

"It was approximately 7pm as we drove along Tompkins Road when, out from out of the scrub, jumped a massive dinosaur-like creature," she said.

WAtoday reported that Ms Cosgrove said it was especially important her insurer understood the sheer size of the roo.

"As you can see from my drawings, which I must add was drawn to scale, he was a huge beast," she said.

"My husband let out a shriek but alas it was too late.

"The massive marsupial had done a number on the left-hand side of our Kia Sorrento. He bounced from the front bumper down the side of the car, smashing out the fog light, bending the wheel arch out of place, totalling the mud flap and then destroying the front passenger door."

Ms Cosgrove is yet to hear back from her insurer.

The drawing reminded us of a similar picture uploaded to Reddit in 2015 which received comments such as: “kangaroo, the deer of Australia” and “You guys joke about this, but kangaroos are f*cking the scariest shit to hit at night. They're like really fast, stupid bodybuilders.”


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