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Entire Freo Street Turns Into One Giant Optical Illusion

Fremantle’s High Street has turned into one giant 'Magic-Eye' optical illusion.

Walking up and down the street, it looks just like someone has gone to town, splashing yellow paint all over the historic buildings.

It isn’t until you head to the end of the street and climb the stairs at the Roundhouse where, suddenly, you see it.


Previously creating optical illusions using the Louvre in Paris, the Palace of Versailles and an entire village in the Swiss Alps, Swiss artist Felice Varini can now add Arcs d'Éllipses to his résumé.

The work was created for Fremantle’s newest art festival, High Tide.


"The colour is in fact very thin aluminium sheets, which are self-adhesive "The colour is in fact very thin aluminium sheets, which are self-adhesive," Varini told ABC Perth.

"Because the artwork is of a temporary nature, the work has to be removable and this is the material we have developed over time that best fits."


Arcs d'Éllipses will be on display until December 30.

All pictures, @abcnews_au on Instagram 

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