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Aussie Daycare Sends Kids Outside To Sleep In Light Rain

A Perth daycare centre is allowing small children to nap outside, even in light rain, in an effort to ward off winter illnesses.

For nearly three months now, children aged between two and five at the centre had the opportunity to sleep outside.

“I have always said there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing,” Little Learners Early Development and Education Centre's Ken Scott-Hamilton told The West.

“All kids should be able to engage in all kinds of conditions.”

The idea was that during the winter months, children often got sick by breathing in the same dry, stale, recycled air inside, so outside naps became an option.

Since implementing the initiative, Mr Scott-Hamilton said that less than one per cent of the centre's kids were absent.

"Which is phenomenal,” he said.

The kids can't sleep outside:

- If they don't have parental permission

- If there is more than 40% chance of rain

- If it's less than 16C or above 30C

- If they don't want to

The West Australian

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