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Microweddings Are The Latest - And Smartest - Wedding Trend

When your partner finally gets down on one knee and asks you to marry them, it will feel like the best thing that's ever happened to first.

And we say this because pretty soon after you'll get caught up in all of the time consuming, money eating, planning that comes before the big day.

You'll be negotiating venue prices, attempting to cut down your mother's EXTENSIVE guest list (because apparently you can't possibly get married without your third cousins that you've never even met) and booking florists, makeup artists, caterers...

The list, and the expenses are never ending and it really can be a terrifying task. Literally, did you know that weddings now cost more than $65,000 on average?!

That is unless you decide to opt for a new wedding trend that's making the rounds known as microweddings, which allows couples to have a special day while keeping it low key and cost effective.

A microwedding is not like an elopement that involves a couple running off to get married in secret, but is actually like a normal wedding, except that the ceremony has 15 guests or fewer.

And while you'll probably still have to purchase a dress, a cake, some flowers and feed your guests, the small wedding allows you to cut back on expenses by swapping some of the more expensive items that you would usually have for a large ceremony for something cheaper.

For example, forget spending thousands on the perfect dress when you can pick up one for a couple hundred bucks from ASOS; less bridesmaids and groomsmen means less flowers to purchase; and of course less guests obviously means way less food to have catered.

Basically you get a lot more freedom to make the choices that you really want and way less people judging you for doing things on the cheaper side! And if you invite just the people who mean the most to you, you know that you're going to have an amazing day!

Dorothy Polka, editor of an Australian wedding blog, Polka Dot Bride, told that micoweddings were becoming a lot more common.

"I think it's becoming more OK for couple to buck the trend and do things the way they want to do things without feeling like they have to please other people or because society says they have to walk down the aisle in a white dress," Ms Polka said.

"I think it's about taking the pressure off. You can do really beautiful things and have an amazing dress and amazing photos on the top of a mountain in New Zealand if you want to, without the huge budget. There's a lot less pressure, stress and confusion when you don't have to worry about what mum wants and what the bridesmaids want.

"I think some couples are valuing smaller, better-quality options for their day rather than going for big, mass produced options."

But of course you should be warned that cutting down on your wedding day will not sit well with everyone and you might cop some backlash for limiting the guest list...but hey it's your day and everyone knows that on her wedding day, the bride is always right!

So if you're in the process of planning your big day right now and are searching desperately for a way to do it without taking out a loan, the microwedding might just be the thing for you!

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