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Rent In These Sydney Suburbs Is About To DROP

Usually when we start talking about housing prices in Sydney it's with a frustrated tone and a sigh at just how expensive it is to live here. But today is different. TODAY is a GOOD day!!

And that is because the rental prices in these particular suburbs of Sydney are about to take a great big cut!

Meaning you'll have a lot more spare change to spend on the more important things in life: i.e. Friday night drinks and take out....uh we mean petrol and healthy groceries.

Sydney as a whole has seen a drop in rent over the past 12 months but according to have reported that some suburbs have decreased more than others.

The largest price drop has been recorded in Ingleside on the Northern Beaches (hello water views), with the weekly median rental price having fallen 34.8 percent in the past year.

In Sydney's west there's been a similar but not quite as dramatic drop with rent backpedaling by 15.8 percent at Llandilo, near Penrith and 19.1 percent at Box Hill.

This is surely AMAZING news if you're looking for a place to rent, but if you're already renting and are wondering how the price drops can apply to you too, don't worry we've got you covered!

According to, residents should feel confident to approach their landlord and ask them about the rent reduction, but you should have market evidence ready to back it up.

"If you're too scared to contact your landlord or property manager, send them an email with links to other comparable properties in the area. This will move you away from looking like a whinging tenant, but someone with market evidence ready to enter a negotiation."

Happy rental hunting peeps!

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