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Cars and dating more popular than money

Australians care much more about cars, gambling and dating than saving money, according to analysis of online searches.

Financial comparison website analysed search traffic for leading comparison websites across eight interest categories.

It found users were 18 times more likely to search for real estate than personal finance, making it the most popular sector, averaging almost 53 million monthly visits.

This was followed by jobs, with an average of 43.6 million monthly visits.

That's 15 times more than personal finance, the least searched sector with just under three million average monthly visits so far this year.

Cars and gambling comparison sites were seven times more popular than personal finance.'s Michelle Hutchison describes the findings as alarming.

"These results are disappointing, especially when you consider the potential savings that Australians can make by using financial comparison websites," she says.

"Buying a property is probably the biggest purchase in your lifetime, so it perplexes me that people are not making the effort to do more cost savings research in this area online.

"Comparing home loans is just as important, if not more than comparing property online."


Real Estate - 52,951,447 site visits - 18 times more than personal finance

Jobs - 43,596,399 visits - 15 times more

Cars - 19,808,301 visits - seven times more

Gambling - 21,345,608 visits - seven times more

Hotels - 14,200,314 visits - five times more

Dating - 13,900,094 visits - five times more

Flights - 11,609,845 visits - four times more

Personal finance - 2,870,624 visits



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