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One Legged Jeans Are Now A 'Thing'?

We’ve seen some pretty out-there fashion trends in the last few years.

First there was the side boob and now, let us introduce.....the half-butt jeans.

If you’ve ever had that one leg that you’re pretty keen on exposing here’s your chance to do so.

Who's wit me? #Adventures

A post shared by RD (@ryandestiny) on

Singer and actress Ryan Destiny tried the look out at Coachella this weekend, opting to accompany it with a black leotard. Let’s face it, dealing with 40 degree heat in the dessert will drive you to cutting half your jeans off..

👊🏾👽 #fightinbackwithlove

A post shared by RD (@ryandestiny) on

We’re just concerned the tan lines are going to be epic! 

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