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Kmart Slammed Online For Inaccurate Sizing

It's not uncommon for clothing sizes to vary in Australia, but this is next level.

Kmart are copping a barrage of hate after a mum took to Facebook to share her frustration over the sizing of their clothes. 

Kirra Lee posted a photo to the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page of her wearing a Kmart black and white pinstriped miniskirt.

"Bought my first size 18 skirt today. F**k you Kmart for your ridiculous sizing," she wrote.

Plenty of people in the comment agreed that the retail giant does not provide accurate clothing sizing. 

"I know how u (sic) feel I’m a size 12 usually but had to buy size 16 in their pants," one person wrote. "Crazy sizing".

"I’m usually a size 6-8 and bought a size 16 dress in summer!," someone else added.

"I am a size 14 MAX around my waist and legit was in tears because I had to buy a size 18 bikini bottoms," another shopper complained. "I was not a happy camper."

“Kmart thinks I’m a size 20+ I AM A FREAKING 10-12!!,” a furious shopper added.


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