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Kate Upton Eats Doughnuts And Still Maintains A Flawless Bod

She’s got what many would describe as the perfect body. And believe it or not, but Kate Upton still eats doughnuts!

The 24-year-old model recently shared her 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on Instagram and revealed how she maintains her flawless figure.

She captioned the snap: “Wow, I feel so honored and excited to be back with Sports Illustrated!! Thank you @si_swimsuit and @mj_day for inviting me to be part of an issue that features and celebrates beauty and confidence in every shape and size #siswim17 #grateful.”

Kate looks better than ever, thanks to her dedicated fitness routine, which she recently opened up about.

“I found a training plan that really works for my body. I love feeling strong, and strength training has really changed my body,” she said.

Kate also explained that she begins her workout with foam rolling, lunges and stretches, before performing a circuit workout focusing on strength training.

The circuit consists of TRX rows, single leg deadlifts and weighted hip thrusts and works out up to six days a week with trainer Ben Bruno.

#Repost @benbrunotraining ・・・ Kate Upton (@kateupton) demonstrates an assisted 1 arm/1 leg row with great technique. While rows are ostensibly an upper body exercise, this is more of full body exercise that also works the glutes, hamstrings, hip stabilizers, and core, giving you a great bang for your buck. I’ve found that for most clients, true 1 arm/1 leg rows become too much of a balance exercise to get much of a training effect, but using the foam roller for assistance helps just enough with balance that you can use substantial weights without worrying about tipping over. In fact, after getting the hang of the movement, most of my female clients can use almost the same weight on this exercise that they use for traditional dumbbell rows on the bench, so it’s by no means a foo-foo exercise. When you progress to more challenging weights, you’ll feel the glutes working like crazy, and as a nice bonus, I’ve noticed that as a byproduct, clients tend to improve their single leg RDL form, allowing them to progress to bigger weights there as well. There’s a tendency to want to open up the hips to the side of the working arm and flare the toes out to the side (I call this the “peeing dog”), but to get maximum benefit for the hips and core, the key is to keep your body as still as possible with your hips and torso square.

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Kate also dished on her diet, explaining she has learned to have balance, so instead of having wine and doughnuts, she just has one or the other.

Seems simple enough, right?

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Source: Elite Daily

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