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You'll NEVER Smudge Your Lippy After Eating Thanks To This

A video of various people using a hack to make their lipstick last while eating has gone insanely viral this week. The hack involves fitting the entire spoonful of food into your mouth without it touching your lips. 

Just take a look…

The videos were taken off a Chinese video app called Dou Yin. The app is basically a more advanced version of mixed with Snapchat that allows users to shoot 15 second videos over popular songs. The app also allows users to add face filters and effects, pause filming, and edit their clips. There’s also a challenges section where people can start a style of video that others take part in. 

The offical Dou Yin account created a challenge earlier this week called the “My Big Mouth Never Stains The Cup” challenge. For the challenge, users were to apply lipstick while saying, “What do you mean how do i drink water after applying lipstick? I just drink it normally.” and then turn on a big-mouth filter. 


People immediately got creative with the challenge and started trying it out with food as well. One user really took it up a notch though.

User @jingyun uploaded a video of her applying lipstick and then putting a whole spoonful of food into her mouth over Pikotaro’s song “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen”. Moving away from using the big-mouth filter, the video quickly went viral on the app and gained over 301,000 likes. 


This then turned into a spinoff challenge titled “Eating After Applying Lipstick” and people all over China joined in. 


It’s amazing what you see on the internet! 

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