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Woman Uses Peel-Off Blackhead Mask All Over Her Body

Anyone who's tried the blackhead peel-off mask or has even just watched a tutorial for it on youtube, will have read the headline and more than likely shivers would have gone down your spine.

That's because we all know that this beauty fad, despite how effective it may be advertised to be, is so damn PAINFUL! So how ON EARTH could someone put this all over their body?

Okay so we kind of understand the premise of vlogger Nicole Skyes after she painted the charcoal over her entire body. After all, we are often finding pimples and blackheads in the weirdest places.

(And of course it is not an attractive look to have one of these poking out on your chest or your back...)But really...would you go to this length to get rid of them?

In the video, Skyes bravely applies the mask to her arms, legs, stomach and back and waits a whopping 2 HOURS before removing it!

So as you can imagine, that bad boy would have been stuck to her skin pretty darn well, and so as she starts to peel it off, we can hardly bare to watch!

Just think about all of the little hairs that cover your body...and now imagine them being plucked out one at a's a pain that Skyes likens to "getting scratched by 10,000 cats".

Yeah, no thanks, I'll pass on that one.

I mean beauty is pain, but once you see the red-raw state of Nicole's skin in the aftermath and her destroyed spray tan, you won't even think about putting one of these on your face let alone the rest of your skin!

Check out the beauty fail in the video below, if you think you can handle it! We're still cringing.

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