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Wanna See What The Longest Eyelashes In The World Look Like?

If you've ever wished for longer eyelashes, please stop. Stop now, before it's too late.

You Jianxia, a 49-year-old from Shanghai, has just entered the Guinness World Records thanks to her unbelievably long lashes, one of which measures a jaw-dropping 12.4cm.

According to a press release by the iconic record publishers, Jianxia discovered her freakishly elongated hair "during an 18-month nature retreat she embarked on in 2013", putting the growth "down to the life she leads at one with nature."


Via Guinness World Records

While we have no idea what any of that means, we genuinely don't understand how you can just NOT notice that one of your eyelashes has grown past the point of regular lash length.

Also, do they make it difficult for her to blink? Does she sometimes roll over on her pillow and get them caught under her head? Does she use conditioner?

We have so many questions.

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