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This Woman Chopped Off A Body Part To 'Look Good'


Beauty trends come and go, each more outrageous than the last.

But this women’s attempt at trying to look beautiful surely takes the cake!

Torz Reynolds, a body piercer from Essex, chopped off her own finger with bolt cutters last week, because she thought it would ‘look good.’ 

The 30-year-old documented the process to her thousands of followers on Facebook, and she seems pretty chuffed with the results.

FAQ: >Did u chop ur finger off? - YES >Did it/Does it hurt? - YES >I'm a medical professional, this is fake - FIND A NEW CAREER >I'm a medical professional, this is infected - FIND A NEW CAREER >Why? - I like it, I enjoy how it looks. >That can't be why, seriously? - There is no deeper meaning to it, I liked it, I thought about it a while & then I done it. >Who's Tim? - No idea?!? >Bet ur hand jobs are terrible now - No worse then before, I'm right handed. >Ur tattoos are fucked now, ha! - No, it now says 'SHOW TIME' & 'MODIFIE' (D). >Who done it - I did. >How? - Bolt cutters. >Bet u went straight on disability allowance - No, I went straight bk to work. >Can u feel any phantom pain? - Not yet, but it's early days. >I think it's fucking stupid - I didn't ask. >I'm entitled to my opinion - Yes, but I didn't ask. >Its so ugly tho - Ur Opinion is irrelevant to me, but thanks. >Bet u regret that? - Obviously not. It's amazing!! 😍😍 >Do u miss it? - Not yet. >Are u mental? - Probably, but it's working for me. 😏 In conclusion; I do these things for myself. It's not hurting ANYBODY else. I chose to document them on Facebook because I want to share the experience with my friends. Do u have to understand it? No. Do u have to like it? No. Do u have to be offended by it? No. Do u have to follow my page & look at it? - No All reactions to my life choices are valid. . . but remember they are only valid to you. YES, ur entitled to ur opinion. I have no problem with u voicing ur view. NO, I won't care what ur opinion is. YES, you can share my pictures all u want. I don't mind. Have a great day all! 😘😘 #igotanowie #Freak #BodyModification #Bodymods #fingeramputation #littlePinky #wenttomarket #girlswithtattoos #Healing

A post shared by Torz Reynolds (@torzibabes) on

She wrote this week, that the wound was ‘healing so well and totally love it.’

And for anyone questioning whether or not the finger severing is legit, she explained in the post: “I do these things for myself. It’s not hurting ANYBODY else.

“I chose to document them on Facebook because I want to share the experience with my friends.”

Source: Metro

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