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This Vibrating Foam Roller Is Perfect For New Fitness Goals

2018 is coming up fast and soon gyms all across the world will be packed with people living up to their New Year’s resolution of leading a healthier lifestyle or losing some weight or whatever their fitness related goal is. 

One major part of fitness is the recovery. Many people forget that the rest and recovery process is just as important as the working out aspect as you need to give your muscles time to heal after a strenuous work out. 

Everyone has heard of the traditional foam roller than is promoted by nearly every fitness blogger. It’s a simple yet often sturdy roll of foam that helps relax the muscles. Often it can be pretty painful if your back is really tense or you’re working out a big knot in your thigh.

That’s where this vibrating foam roller comes into play!

The Vyper 2.0 from Hyperice has multiple vibration speeds and helps your muscles to relax further as you use the roller. It apparently helps speed up the recovery process and minimise your post-workout pain. 

If you want to up your workout and recovery game, it’s well worth a shot adding this foam roller to your fitness collection and get a start on those New Year’s resolutions. However, the Vyper 2.0 doesn’t come cheap and will set you back a whopping $284.95 when purchased HERE.

I think I might just stick to a traditional foam roller from Target or Kmart for less than $30! 

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