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This Man Cuts Hair With Fire and Samurai Swords

Haircuts are NEVER fun. 

Your hair ends up either too short, too many layers or not enough off! Either way, change is always a bit frightening. 

BUT there's a new hair salon where you can jump right in the deep end and get your hair cut freely with SWORDS! 

Alberto Olmedo's salon in Madrid cuts hair with large swords and fire with surprisingly great results! 

"Hairstylists always cut one side and then another, and one side is always different from the other" he says. 

So he has his clients lean back in their chairs and chops their locks with two swords! 

While his technique can be described as a bit medieval, people must be impressed because his youtube video has had 122,000,000 views! 

Watch below! 

Personally, the smell of burnt hair puts me off.. but it is super fascinating to watch! 

Source: Cosmopolitan 

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