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This is What It Means When Someone Stares at Your Feet

According to science stuff, a person’s eye movements could be the key to working out whether someone actually fancies you or if they just see you as a mate.

The research done by Wellesley College and the University of Kansas presented 105 heterosexual undergrads with a series of photos of men and women, before asking them questions about who they’d want to befriend or date.

During that time, their eye movements were tracked.

According to the findings, heterosexual men and women tend to look more at a person’s head or chest if they’re eyeing them up as a potential romantic partner (no surprises there).

And guys also check out a women’s hip area if they’re keen on them sexually – which suggests that men are intrinsically wired to concentrate on a woman’s reproductive capabilities if they’re sexually attracted to them.

However, when it came to assessing people on a purely platonic level, people’s eye movements headed south.

Both men and women tended to concentrate on someone’s legs and feet if they just wanted to be mates.

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